Jennifer DeFeo, PhD

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Did you have Dr. DeFeo as a professor?  Maybe you heard her lecture at a training or conference?  Please share your positive experiences below!

Quotes Outstanding presentation. Typically when I feel I have learned this much from a presenter, I walk away with pages of notes. In this case it was different; I did walk away with notes, but much of the value was in enhancing my higher-level understanding of the issues discussed, enriching my worldview and therapeutic lens. Given the range of Dr. DeFeo's expertise and her impressive skills as a presenter, I would love to see her given a full day at future conferences. Quotes
IAAMFT 2015 Conference attendee

Quotes It is not often that a workshop really makes the conference for me but this year that is what happened. Dr. DeFeo was clearly knowledgeable about this topic and did a great job of presenting it. She made the presentation very personal by taking the time to greet each of us individually and assign to each and every one of us a specific sexual and/or gender identity. I had hoped that the variety of sexual/gender expressions would be identified and touched upon and I was not disappointed in this. What she provided was a solid overview of the challenge faced by those in and outside of the LGBT(QQI...) community. Through her self disclosure, sensitivity to the subject matter, and personal engagement of those in attendance she created an interactional environment which was safe for those identifying as gay, straight, queer, bi-sexual, or in one case flexible to share her or his reasons for their preferred way of identifying. This workshop was the high point of the conference for me. Quotes
IAAMFT 2015 Conference attendee

Quotes I had the pleasure of attending Dr. De Feo's fantastic DSM-5 workshop today. I was excited and anxious to attend this workshop. I am a newer student in the Master's program, and the DSM-5 scares me. With that being said, I was excited to learn about it, and anxious because I had no idea what I was getting into, or if it would be over my head. Dr. De Feo did a FANTASTIC job of explaining the changes. Her Power Point presentation, coupled with her incredible lecture erased all of my fears immediately. Dr. De Feo is extremely knowledgeable on this subject. My only complaint is that I didn't have more time with her. I would LOVE to be a student in any of her classes. I am honored that I had the chance to experience this workshop and meet such a fabulous person. I am simply in awe of this lady, and I had never previously met her, did not know anything about her. Her teaching style is one that many professors could and should take notes from. Quotes
Valerie Steffes
DSM-5 workshop attendee

Quotes Dr. DeFeo is an inspirational instructor. In the three courses for which I was lucky enough to have her as a professor, she demonstrated unwavering dedication to her students' educational and professional development. Dr. DeFeo goes above and beyond teaching the required course material. She is considerate of various learning styles in structuring her lessons. She works to challenge her students and ensure that no one fall behind. Dr. DeFeo motivates her students to succeed. She volunteers her free time to teach preparatory courses for the Practicum Readiness Assessment and the Comprehensive Exam. She provides constructive feedback and responds promptly to student inquiries. She celebrates her students' achievements. Her belief in her students and the fact that she cares deeply for them is apparent. It is rare to come across a professor as passionate about teaching or as devoted to her students as Dr. DeFeo. Quotes
Barrie S.

Quotes Dr. Jen's rare that you'll find a professor that's not bound by the shackles of precedent. This is a person who will understand you for who you choose to be and not just who you've been. This is someone who will show the right path towards a better train of thought. I personally pray that the future holds more individuals with half the insight that Dr. Defeo possesses. Only God knows if that's true. And we should thank God that he allowed us to experience the benefit of Jen's ambitions. Thank you. Quotes
Saeed S
Former student

Quotes Dr. DeFeo is one of the most understanding and caring individuals I have worked with, providing a peaceful and open therapeutic space for her staff to receive the guidance they seek, with a knowledge base and background in many vital areas pertinent to healing and recovery. Quotes
Valerie Barrows
Marriage Family Therapist